PB Fintech Hits 52-Week High on Block Deal with 5.4% Equity Change

PB Fintech witnessed a remarkable ascent as its shares surged to a 52-week high of Rs 1,048 on February 1, driven by a substantial block deal involving 2.44 crore shares. This noteworthy transaction represented a significant 5.4% equity change within the company, with both buyers and sellers actively participating in the exchange.

The surge in share value was not merely speculative, as PB Fintech recently achieved a historic milestone by turning profitable for the first time. The company reported a net profit of Rs 37 crore in the quarter ending on December 31, marking a significant turnaround from the Rs 21.1 crore net loss reported in the preceding September quarter and the substantial Rs 87.6 crore net loss recorded in Q3FY23.

PB Fintech’s revenue from operations for the quarter stood at Rs 871 crore, showcasing an impressive 43% year-on-year growth compared to the Rs 610 crore reported in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year. This substantial revenue growth underlines the company’s robust performance and its ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

Furthermore, the EBITDA margins painted a positive picture, coming in at 4% as opposed to the -5% reported in Q3FY24. This improvement in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization reflects the company’s enhanced operational efficiency and cost management strategies.

The stellar performance in the quarter can be attributed to robust growth in insurance premiums and a commendable improvement in contributing margins. These factors collectively contributed to PB Fintech’s positive trajectory and its ability to capitalize on the evolving dynamics of the financial services sector.

However, it’s noteworthy that by 1:05 pm, the shares of PB Fintech had relinquished some of their earlier gains, trading at Rs 1,000.45 on the NSE, representing a marginal 0.19% decrease. 

Investors and market analysts are keenly observing PB Fintech’s strategic moves and financial developments, recognizing the company’s potential in the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology. As the company continues to navigate the market, its recent achievements position it as a key player in the fintech sector, with the potential for sustained growth and value creation for stakeholders.

PB Fintech shares overview


Market Cap ₹ 44,606 Cr.
Current Price ₹ 989
High / Low ₹ 1050 / ₹ 391
Stock P/E
Book Value ₹ 125
Dividend Yield 0.00 %
ROCE -8.27 %
ROE -8.95 %
Face Value ₹ 2.00



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